Kinaesthetic Techniques for Basic Arithmetic 

Other techniques include Korean counting strategies to demonstrate place value and the Chinese method for multiplication. The utilisation and combination of these strategies allows foundation level students to swiftly ‘bridge’ gaps within their existing underpinning knowledge and enhances their confidence and self esteem.

The interlinked kinaesthetic techniques are based upon ancient systems that are visual and which support and complement the underpinning knowledge of the student.

The strategies supplant traditional recall methodologies i.e. multiplication tables, which are often a barrier to the progress of foundation level learners. Utilisation of the strategies allows learners to swiftly experience a success which is often a catalyst that stimulates their desire to learn!

The success of the techniques is based on their simplicity and visual style which appeals to foundation level and NEET learners.

Example: Indian Hand Multiplication

The Indian Hand Multiplication Technique, is a quick visual technique for multiplying numbers between 6 and 10 together.

In this example we will multiply 8 x 8.

Indian Hand Multiplication Each finger on each hand represents a number from 6 to 10. The smallest finger represents 6, the ring finger 7, the index finger 8, the fore finger 9 and the thumb 10. 
Select the fingers of each hand that represent 8, with the palms of the hand facing towards you and let the fingers that represent 8 touch. 
These ‘touching’ fingers and all the ones below now have a value of 10 each. There should be four fingers below the two touching fingers, therefore these 6 fingers have a total value of 60. 
; The remaining two fingers above the ‘touching’ fingers on each hand are the remaining units and which are now multiplied together. 2 x 2 = 4. 
We now add the value of the tens, (60), to the value of the units, (4), to find that 8 x 8 = 64. 


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