About the Founder and The Anacapa Academy 

My name is Les Khan, and as a result of a career change I elected to teach within a further education setting, focusing upon teaching basic numeracy.

As a consequence, I was astounded to find a disproportionate number of school leavers who were barely numerate. Sadly, this fact was not confined to the educational establishment at which I was employed but one which is a national problem that has yet to be adequately addressed.

Inheriting these students presented a ‘contact time’ challenge and a conundrum of how to provide the ‘underpinning knowledge’ for numeracy without relying on methods that had been previously so ineffective. Subsequently, I developed and tested a range of kinaesthetic techniques for basic maths on my class of Foundation Level students.

As a result my students have consistently surpassed national benchmark achievement rates in City and Guilds Entry Level 3 and Level 1 Numeracy. As a result, many of these students have gone on to attend and complete vocational courses, some obtaining apprenticeships and others obtaining full employment. All have left more prepared for life in the job market.


Foundation Level Results Using Kinaesthetics

Year Numeracy @ Entry 3 Numeracy @ Level 1
06-07 100% Basic Skills 86% Basic Skills
07-08 100% Basic Skills 85% Basic Skills
08-09 100% Basic Skills 100% Basic Skills
09-10 95% Functional Skills N/A

Initial National City & Guilds Foundation Level Benchmark Results 09-10

09-10 69% Functional Skills 43% Functional Skills


In July 2009 I completed an ‘Action Research Project’ on behalf of the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) investigating the effectiveness of the techniques. The report has since been adopted into the ‘Excellence Gateway’ web report resources - Action Research Report. In June 2010 the ‘Action Research Project’ report was selected for national coverage and featured within the Numeracy Briefing publication, (issue 19) - Supporting Teachers and Managers of Adult Numeracy. CLICK HERE to view the report.

The Anacapa Academy has been developed to pass on these techniques and strategies to other schools, colleges and institutions through our interactive workshops. We can also offer classroom support to assist in the delivery of this new strategy for learning.


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