The Anacapa Academy has been established to help improve national numeracy attainment rates via the teaching of alternative kinaesthetic strategies.

These strategies are passed on to teachers and mentors through interactive workshops that will open your eyes to a new style of teaching and learning.

The Anacapa Academy have created an interlinked kinaesthetic  strategy derived from ancient Indian, Korean and Chinese techniques.

These interlinked kinaesthetic techniques are delivered as ‘interactive’ demonstrations and then applied to consolidate learning outcomes within numercy sessions.

Our 2 hour interactive workshops are designed to pass on these ancient alternative maths techniques to teachers and mentors in a relaxed environment.

Once mastered, these techniques will equip the trainer with a comprehensive kinaesthetic strategy for tackling innumeracy with disengaged and NEET students.

Kinaesthetic Techniques for Teaching Basic Maths 

Using kinaesthetic techniques, derived from ancient Indian, Korean and Chinese counting methods, we have developed a strategy to teach and support students with their basic numeracy skills. These interlinked kinaesthetic techniques are delivered as interactive demonstrations and then applied to consolidate learning outcomes within numeracy sessions.

The use of these interlinked kinaesthetic techniques has proved to be highly effective in improving the achievement rates of NEET type students i.e. those school leavers who are not in education, employment or training. In addition Deaf students who have been exposed to the strategies have also engaged, succeeded and achieved with these techniques due to the appeal to their preferred learning style……Visual!

At The Anacapa Academy, we 'train the trainer' in these ancient techniques and how to apply them to a kinaesthetic strategy for teaching basic maths through interactive workshops held in your school, college or institution. We also offer classroom support sessions, to support and assist in the delivery of the strategy to your students.

These interlinked strategies for numeracy have been applied to a range of vocational courses within a further educational provision ie Motor Vehicle, Construction, Art & Design, IT, Entry to Employment, Catering, Sport & Leisure, Public Services, Health & Social Care and the Support Unit the Deaf (SUDS) and have improved the achievement rates of foundation and NEET learners on those courses.

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